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Student comments

“Thanks for a very worthwhile workshop.  On our ride home yesterday, Bonnie and I talked about how informative the workshop was, and how effective you were as an instructor.  Hopefully, one day you’ll spot one of my paintings in a NWS annual show and recognize your impact on my work!”

Martha, Santa Barbara

“.......I sincerely appreciate how at ease I felt and that was entirely due to your mentoring style.  You have the ability to recognize possibilities inherent in a situation and to generate trust and camaraderie  Thanks again for the great workshop.”

Karen, Lake Oswego

“Demonstrations shared secret techniques were very clear, step by step.”

Judith, Portland

"Thank you for your relaxed, steady line of teaching. I felt you gave us a wealth of techniques and ideas to build our own creative designs."

Pink, Tigard 

"…thanks to you for your unforgettable workshop and all the fabulous "tips and tricks" you taught. I'm hoping for another workshop from you in the not-too-distant future."

Vicki, Gladstone


Aqueous Media Workshops  2018

JUNE 11-12-13, 2018

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan Watercolor Society

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

1800 N Dixboro Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105  Denise Booher MWCS       Geoff McCormack


Workshop Description

Inspiration Is For Amateurs!  Let’s go to work....

Be prepared for a different approach to both watercolor and acrylic media in Geoffrey McCormack’s latest three-day workshop. Geoff is a master of aqueous media known for working in series to create images with startling realistic textures, colors, perspective, lighting and shadows. His compositions form an intriguing interplay of shapes and contrasting values, often with objects appearing to float on multiple planes.

2016 saw Geoff shift his focus to an abstract series using all of the elements of his preceding work. He shares how regular studio work habits made Learning Walk in My Own Shadow his most successful series to date.

Revealing just how he creates such distinctive paintings, Geoff will demonstrate an array of new materials, tools and techniques. He will focus on design with an engaging point of view, using rich color triads, unique textural effects, and dramatic lighting. You will combine these with your favorite water media in a series of exercises and paintings. You will get several demos daily, personal instruction and critiques, plus plenty of painting time. Advanced beginners to masters of watercolor and acrylic will benefit from applying these new techniques and materials. Suitable for abstract and representational painters. Special masking materials and films will be supplied by the instructor.

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